Never underestimate the power of the word. And I love to bring that power to a page through compelling copy – whether that’s slick slogans or stand-out blogs. Industries I’m particularly familiar with range from food and hospitality to education and property.
If yours doesn’t fall within those areas, that’s okay – my contribution will always add value.

Using my expertise, I craft inspired content that reflects you and your business, while engaging just the right kind of audience. From SEO web content to brochures, newsletters – even business cards – I’ll enhance your professional standing.


Where the content stays fresh and keeps the business evolving… It’s also the bit that can reveal more of the personality behind the brand; allowing the audience to understand and connect on a different level. Most businesses have a blog, and it’s no bad thing. Corporate needn’t be dull and unengaging.

For one of my clients, I built and regularly update their blog, which forms a large part of their hospitality business. It’s great to communicate with the audience in a personable way while still reflecting its values and maintaining brand equity.


Know what you want to say but not sure how to? That’s where I come in. It’s a fine art to adopt someone’s thoughts and express it through commentary that they would use – only better. Ghostwriting is about understanding how a brand wishes to be perceived, and I have a knack of finding a mutual wavelength and working it. If you require someone to project your voice, I’ll always find a way to say what you mean.

So if you want to put your name to some inspired content, why not call or drop me a line.

Editing & Proofreading

The last word in writing is proofreading. Too often people don’t allow time to read their work and erase the errors. And we all make them, but we don’t always spot them. Flaws of any kind can be costly in business; they can very easily be the catalyst for consumers not to deploy your services, or not to return to you.

It can also be challenging proofing your own work, and you may simply need another pair of eyes. With my trained eye for detail, that makes me a great candidate for the job.

Training & Education

Creating quality writing doesn’t come naturally to us all. So, another angle to my service is to train young minds and offer them the tools with which to write creatively. I devised and occasionally teach a Creative Writing Workshop, covering topics such as creative thinking, elevator pitches, blogging, and PR, to name a few. If we can capture and inspire the effervescent imaginations of youth, then we can look forward to some incredible story-telling in years to come.
Click here to read testimonials and examples of educational writing.

Concept Development

“The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas”. Creative thinking starts with just that. I ask questions and I make notes. I aim to grasp the objectives of your business offering, then conceptualise it through my ideas and, chiefly, through my words. I’m also experienced in working on projects without a brief. My response is simply to sit and create one. I love to dispense ideas on business strategy and innovative concepts to further promote a brand. Ultimately, I will always deliver something you’ll love.