It’s All Green to Me

Let’s have the




So, there are lots of conversations about it. From Ted Talks and the UN Paris Agreement to the Co-op’s Plan Bee campaign, we must tackle global issues on a global scale. And there’s still much more to say – so let’s all get involved to champion the big deal that is our precious planet…

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Martin Pistorius: The Man Who Found His Voice

A few months ago, I found myself gripped by an incredible true story. It made me feel so very thankful that I have the ability to reach out and interact with others – almost involuntarily, like blinking. And yet in the blink of an eye, a young healthy boy was suddenly and cruelly disabled from all the freedoms that made him human.

In this moving and evocative account, TED Talks presents Martin Pistorius and his harrowing experience of a life trapped inside himself…

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Steven Poole book

If txt spk gets your goat, then you’ll love this…

“Let’s touch base with the thought leader, and by reaching out, attempt to achieve the big, hairy audacious goal…”

Are your heckles up yet? Author and journalist Steven Poole’s are – and those with a suitably didactic view will share his disdain.

In his insightful and jocular reference book, Who Touched Base in My Thought Shower? Poole dissects the vexing subject of ‘unbearable office jargon’ – from the utterly cringe-worthy…

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elevator pitch image#2

Elevator Pitch: Keeping your business intro short & sweet

Public speaking: few of us like it, but we all have to do it at some point.

When I first started out as a freelancer, I decided that a good route to gain contacts – and a dose of the elusive self-confidence that often newbies lack – was to attend some networking events and put Nadia Danaos out there; educate people about the new kid on the block. I suddenly envisaged myself introducing my business facing a large crowd…

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The Art of Creative Thinking

It all starts with an idea – the light bulb moment. Also known as the ‘eureka effect’ or the ‘Aha! moment’, where one minute you’re stuck in a mire of non-solutions, and suddenly it presents itself to you…as if by magic. The Greek mathematician, Archimedes, was famously known to have coined the ‘eureka!’ phrase – meaning ‘I’ve found it!’ – while in the bath tub…

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